As an Engineering, technological and scientific (chemical processing) firm, that supplies specialized solutions on renewable energy, SOLARIV offers its services in the sector of controlled biogas production. We are well grounded in the technology of efficient biogas production from the most conveniently available substrates – sewage sludge, etc.

We design, build and maintain simple home biogas power plants that are financially beneficial to our clients and relief to the environment.

Benefits of Biogas

  • Biogas can be used as a renewable source of heat generation.
  • Electricity & Heat - You can generate your own renewable source of electricity and heat (biomethane, as gas for cooking), keeping you independent from the grid.
  • Organic waste is produced all around the world and can be used to generate renewable energy.
  • Slurry & Manure - These are factors in the agro-renewable cycle; providing plant nutrition and biogas substrate.

The ABC of Biogas Production

Biogas is produced when bacteria digest organic matter (biomass) in the absence of oxygen.

This process is expedited in engineered digesters for semi-liquid wastes, like fermentation tanks, where the waste is mixed and the digestion process can be controlled by heating or cooling, or by adding bacterial mix to enhance the degradation process.

Biogas production in simple illustrations